Day: 11 November 2021

November 2021


With Christmas just around the corner we head towards the end of year with another busy month of planning for the future of DWSS.

Every week we have new players joining us and many training sessions are near full capacity. We continue to support players development within Hitchin.

We set out from the start to help support the local community and we could not be more prouder of our players. The development that has happened with the players is just incredible. Yes we teach them, and coach them a certain way with our level of coaching but the player themselves has to listen and take this on board and work hard.

Just a couple of examples from parents we have heard:

“The confidence in my son has improved so much since coming here”

“My son has been picked for his school football team for the first time”

The list is endless but it makes us so proud to be able to see this progression in the players.

We are always looking at being able to provide new opportunities for our players. The start of our first PDC is incredible and each week we see players come along for trials for this. We look forward to continuing to grow our PDC and open more PDC groups for other age groups in the future.

Our next camp is next month and we look forward to the last Camp of 2021 and we hope to go out with a ‘BANG’. The camp is already creating a lot of interest and we are nearly 50% full already which is just crazy! We look forward to the Camps as always and have a lot of new and exciting things planned for our players.

If you would like to join us for some Football Fun or would just like more information please click HERE

Have a Fab November!

Keep Active and Stay Safe