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MARCH 2022

What a fantastic launch of our new ‘Mini School’ session last Saturday at Ickleford School. It was great to see so many children running around and having fun and we are now officially ‘Fully Booked‘ for the first session. We are in talks at the moment about launching another session after the success of these and to continue to help support the local community.

We have players coming for taster sessions every week which is fantastic. So much work goes on behind the scenes to ensure we are providing a high level of service to our customers, players are receiving a high level of training and we are continuing to help support the local community!!

Following on from the success of the our last camp we are raring to go with our Easter Camp – with the weather. It seems to come around so quickly!! Another fantastic camp planned for Easter and what’s more we have our ‘Famous Daily Raffle’ alongside our ‘Easter Football Treasure Hunt’ planned!! The treasure hunts are great fun, using football challenges along the way, working as a team and finding answers the questions it always a favourite amongst the players!!

We are slowly coming to the end of our Spring Term and already look forward to warmer weather and lighter evenings, it always gives people a little ‘spring’ in their step (excuse the pun) and it is so nice to be outside in the fresh air!

With the uncertainty of the outcome of the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, DWSS wanted to help support Ukraine.

With many players joining DWSS each month we will be donating 100% of any new player who joins DWSS through the months of March and April their first month training fees. It is only a small step in helping but every little helps.

We look forward to seeing all the new players who are due to join us this month for taster sessions!! If you do have a questions about your Childs current training session please feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to help:


Keep active and Stay Safe!


It seems like it was not that long ago we were planning our Christmas Soccer Camp and now we are finalising the plans for the first Soccer Camp of 2022!

The Camps are now fully booked which is great to see and we cannot wait for another fun filled half term with the players – we have some new exciting additions to the camp and cannot wait to share these the players and see what they think!!

With the weather still on the colder side, we cannot emphasise enough about players wearing under armour or thermals to stay warm. Gloves and hats on arrival are a great way to stay warm whilst arriving for your session and are easy take off once a player is warm. With living in England and the weather conditions as they are we have to accept the weather for what it is and make the best of it making sure the players are warm enough. That being said, we do look forward to the arrival of the warmer weather and lighter evenings 😉

We have the launch of our brand new Mini School session on Saturday 26th of February and are so excited to get this started. We have been overwhelmed with the response and are fully booked for players coming for ‘Taster Sessions’ to these two new sessions. We will keep you posted about these!!

Have a great half term break and if we do not see our players at the Soccer Camp we look forward to seeing you all after the holidays.

Keep Active and Stay Safe



January 2022 how fast has that come around!! A brand new year, a brand new chapter for you to set goals, plan and achieve what you want to.

We ended the year on a high with a fantastic Christmas Camp. We had more players than we expected which was incredible and to see these players having fun, enjoying themselves and learning was great to see. In just two days some players who were new to football had improved already in the two days of attending the Camp.

We have already got our February camp planned and this is well underway. If your child fancies coming along to a try out our FUN Soccer Camp then just click on the link for all the information.

At DWSS we have so much in the pipe line to introduce to our customers. We are looking at exciting new sessions which will be a fantastic add on to what we already have! We are looking forward to our new location being ready and moving across to a fantastic location which we are sure all the players will enjoy! Amongst so much more……..

We have more enquiries for our sessions which is great to see players out and about in the fresh air and helping to support their physical and mental wellbeing.

We are looking to work more closely with local schools in the area to continue helping support the local community which is a real passion of ours. Having had feedback from customers about the positive impact DWSS football training has had on their child is so nice to hear. To help develop the players as well as the person is fundamental in what we do and we will continue to improve ourselves to help continue to support the community.

We hope you have set some goals for this year – lets hope 2022 is fantastic year for everyone.

Keep active and Stay Safe

December 2021

WOW!! Christmas just around the corner and we are so excited for our last Soccer Camp of 2021!!!

This one will be going down with a BANG…..we have our Christmas Jumper Day on Wednesday, Christmas Football Games and our favourite amongst the players…….our daily raffle prize.

The players will be getting into the Christmas spirit, whilst having fun and developing their football!

If you have not made any plans on the 22nd or 23rd of December and still have those last minute preparations to organise then why not book your child onto the Soccer Camp. A few spaces left, so don’t miss out.

We have signed a few more players to our U8’s PDC which is a fantastic addition for the group and we play an internal game on 16th of December with some big games planned for 2022. A great opportunity for high performing players to showcase their skills.

Christmas is a time to look back and reflect on your year. At DWSS we have had an incredible year and one which we did not expect given the uncertainty of the current climate. We are pleased that so many parents see the importance of exercise and especially exercise outside the fresh air and how this can have a huge impact on mental and physical well being and we continue to help support the community. We have so much planned for 2022 and look forward to moving into the New Year with positive steps which will continue to help support players development.

We will be contacting local schools in December to offer them our ‘Free Football Goodie Bag’ which contains, a Mitre football, training cones, water bottle and full DWSS football kit. We hope the schools can make good use of this or give this a child who they may feel will really benefit from this.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year!!!

November 2021


With Christmas just around the corner we head towards the end of year with another busy month of planning for the future of DWSS.

Every week we have new players joining us and many training sessions are near full capacity. We continue to support players development within Hitchin.

We set out from the start to help support the local community and we could not be more prouder of our players. The development that has happened with the players is just incredible. Yes we teach them, and coach them a certain way with our level of coaching but the player themselves has to listen and take this on board and work hard.

Just a couple of examples from parents we have heard:

“The confidence in my son has improved so much since coming here”

“My son has been picked for his school football team for the first time”

The list is endless but it makes us so proud to be able to see this progression in the players.

We are always looking at being able to provide new opportunities for our players. The start of our first PDC is incredible and each week we see players come along for trials for this. We look forward to continuing to grow our PDC and open more PDC groups for other age groups in the future.

Our next camp is next month and we look forward to the last Camp of 2021 and we hope to go out with a ‘BANG’. The camp is already creating a lot of interest and we are nearly 50% full already which is just crazy! We look forward to the Camps as always and have a lot of new and exciting things planned for our players.

If you would like to join us for some Football Fun or would just like more information please click HERE

Have a Fab November!

Keep Active and Stay Safe

September 2021

We have hit the ground running or I should say ‘flat out sprint’ with our new Autumn Term. We have had the most amount of new players joining us for ‘Free Taster Sessions’ during the first couple of weeks which is so great to see.

We have always said we want to help support the local community and we still stand by this. To be able to develop the ‘player as well as the person‘ is a huge driving force behind what we do.

We have introduced a few new touches to our sessions with regards to continuing to develop the players. We have had a couple of new designs made for our ‘Top Trainer Cards’ which are so powerful in offering that support. The acknowledgment of a players hard work, effort, listening, manners, respect amongst so many other things is so important. To hand over the ‘Top Trainer’ cards at the end of our training sessions is just another positive aspect of learning DWSS implements.

For our ‘Mini Schoolers’ (8.15-9am and 9.15-10am sessions) we have introduced ‘Sticker Sheets and Stickers’ as an incentive to help them learn and continue having fun. Just seeing the ‘Mini Schoolers’ receive these stickers, their faces lightning up is just fantastic.

We have launched our ‘Brand New’ PDC, ‘Player Development Centre‘ for U8’s Boys. Free Trials are being held on 1st, 8th and 15th October at Hitchin Rugby Club, from 5-6PM. If your child currently plays football and you would like more information on this please click here PDC to find out more. It is another opportunity we are able to offer our players due to the level of experience we hold at DW Soccer School and we are so excited to get this up and running.

Our ‘Soccer Camp’ is now live to book, we are taking bookings daily for this so please do not miss out. It is a fantastic ‘FUN’ day and we have even thrown in a 10% discount (please note this offer is running out soon).

We have some more exciting news and another innovative scheme we are introducing to DW Soccer School to help support the community which is so relevant to the world we live in today……..Watch This Space…….

Keep Active and Stay Safe

August 2021

We are so excited to announce our ‘Brand New‘ Soccer Saturday which starts on 28th August from 9am at Ickleford Primary School, Hitchin.

It is a fantastic opportunity to help players prepare for game/team play and learn about the game without the pressure.

It is a great way for your child to positively learn and grow in confidence.

If you would like to come along and take part in a ‘Free Taster’ Session please get in touch, and we can add your child to the session.

Places are filling up quickly and we only have a limited number of spaces.

If you would like your child to start playing football a little more come September then please just get in touch to see if we have a session that may suit your child and work around your family/work commitments too. All our sessions are based in Hitchin.

We have a wide range of sessions to choose from and all ‘Taster Sessions’ are ‘FREE’

Keep Active and Stay Safe

July 2021


End of Term

Wow what a finish to the end of term!!

We have finished on a high with many sessions being at ‘full capacity’. It is so good to see children getting involved in sport and using it as vehicle to help develop them in a positive way.

We are passionate about wanting to help develop players football and develop individuals too.

Some of the players who have recently joined DWSS, it is incredible to see the difference in their confidence within weeks of attending DW Soccer School. With the level of coaching the players receive alongside their ‘Player Profile’ this supports their football development and also their ‘life development’ too.

We will continue to strive to improve our services to our players and are already looking at some great new ideas to introduce when we get back to training

The introduction of our ‘Top Trainer’ Card has been a real hit amongst the players.

We will be starting our first ‘Summer Camp‘ due to the restrictions of lockdown last year so we cannot wait to get started. We have so much fun and games planned for our players.

It is so nice to see the players having fun, laughing, socialising and learning.

It is amazing when a player comes for the full duration of the camp and the growth in confidence is just incredible to see.

We have some fab new prizes for the raffle, which the players all enjoy at the end of the day 😉

For those of you who are not going away and you would like your child to take part in some football practice then come and join us for a day of fun £19 from 9-3.30PM

Keep Active and Stay Safe

June 2021

May Half Term Soccer Camp

We are very happy to say we had a fantastic Soccer Camp over the last half term. The players really enjoyed themselves with one parent quoting ‘It is the best day of his life’. This is great to hear and to have players going home happy, having fun, learning in a safe environment and creating fantastic memories to last a lifetime is what we set out to achieve with our Soccer Camps.

We are already refining our next Camp for the Summer and are looking to make these even better. As a company we always look to grow and improve our services to help develop our players in the right way. We have some great ideas and cannot wait to put these into action!

We have the launch of our two new training sessions this month. Our new ‘Platform Training Session‘ from Wednesday 6-7PM for players who would like extra training without the pressure to help develop their current football. These maybe players who currently play for a team or who have had previous football experience. Our current Platform Sessions have really helped develop the players football and once again have had some fantastic feedback from the parents about how our training has really improved their gameplay.

We have our new ‘Mini School Session’ which commences this Sunday 13th June. A bright and early one for the younger players from 8.15am-9am. With our current Mini School session fully booked we have opened a brand new session and look forward to meeting all the new players and parents who will be attending this week.

Due to the rapid growth of our Soccer School we have taken on board new coaches and assistants. The new staff members will be a great asset to the Soccer School and we look forward to the new coaches meeting our players.

Keep Active and Stay Safe

April 2021

We are so excited to be able to carry out our Easter Camps and have had an incredible turn out. To be able to help continue to support these players both on and off the pitch is so important to us.

We have put together ‘FUN’ and ‘PURPOSEFUL’ training sessions for these camps, alongside some great prizes to win. The daily raffle we have have held each day has gone down so well with the players. Just seeing the children have fun, laughing, socialising and learning has been great to see. We are already looking forward to our May camp 🙂

We are looking forward to our return date of our weekly training on 12th April and have some fun, new sessions planned, alongside our new ‘Top Trainer’ cards. We have some new coaching staff on board who have been working with us over the camps and have been fantastic in supporting the children in their football.

We look forward to seeing all players again and cannot wait to get back!!

Keep Active and Stay Safe.