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September Blog

It is great to be back at our term-time training and helping provide a safe environment for our players where they can be outside, running around, learning, developing their football technique and having fun.

At this current time things are very different and for us as an organisation we want to be able to provide a healthy, positive environment to help support our players.

We have had a fantastic reaction to our training which is great to see and have had many players join DWSS. To help develop these players and fulfil their potential with our experience and knowledge is a pleasure. We can help create a clear pathway for our players to reach their goals!

Some of our players who have been with us from the start are really developing their football technique and we have seen them progress in their own football journey through going into the JPL and some of our female players being accepted into further football associated organisations.

We look forward to what the future may hold and hope to see more young players join DWSS.

August Blog

We are preparing for our term-time training comeback and we are looking forward to seeing lots of our players and new players join us in September.

During the Summer we have had a lot of interest in DWSS, slowly the word is spreading about how we can help support and develop players with purposeful training and show them the pathway if they wish to take football to a higher level.

We have been spending time developing ourselves over the Summer, with coaches training days, attending online courses and reading up on various football related topics to continually improve our service to our players.

We look forward to seeing many of you come September.

July Blog

We are really pleased to be back and have been so pleased with the huge demand for DWSS 1-2-1, 2-2-1 and 5-2-1- bespoke sessions. All these sessions are coached by Darren Ward and with the years of experience behind him he can help take the players to the next level and show them a clear pathway to achieve their goals.

The feedback from some of these players has been amazing and to help support and develop them in the right way and to help fulfil their potential in a healthy environment is just fantastic.

Due to the success of these sessions we are going to look at integrating these into our week, come Autumn Term.

We have been really pleased with how training has commenced with the safety guidelines we have in place and are very grateful to our customers and players for taken on board this measures and abiding by them.

June Blog

We are hoping the Government will ease the lockdown towards the end of the month so we can start training the players again.

During the current situation we have made the most of it, continually educating ourselves in our industry. We will be using this information to help improve the players that join us and help improve their football and self-development.

We look forward to seeing you all soon and look forward to new players joining DW Soccer School and becoming part of the journey. Whether you are new to football or playing at a high standard we can cater for you needs!

Take care and stay safe.

May Blog

As we continue on through these times we hope to see some light at the end of the tunnel alongside many of you. We continue to carry on our football training and giving tips and advice to our customers and many more who wish to carry on with their training.

For our fundraising event for HCF we raised nearly £900 through our ‘Kick-Up Challenge- with more than 14,000 kick-ups taken. We are so proud of everyone who took part and I’m sure this money will help those most vulnerable in the COVID-19 crisis.

We are looking forward to carrying out our ‘Online Soccer Camp’ over the half-term as this is when we would normally be taken our ‘Soccer Camps’. We hope many of you can join us over 3 days and take part in the fun training. There is also chance to win one of our DW Soccer School caps which is our newest addition to our merchandise range and just perfect for this hot weather.

We look forward to when we can start our training again and look forward to seeing our customers. In the meantime make the most of this time and more importantly stay safe.

April Blog


We go into April with a resilient attitude in these unprecedented times. It is very sad to see the closure of many businesses and the uncertainty of what happens next.

DW Soccer School has had to postpone football training until further notice just as we were getting started and when many players were becoming a part of DW Soccer School. We remain focused and look forward to starting training once again.

We have included some exciting new features amongst our training too and this time has given us a chance to sit back, refocus and see what we can improve on and what we can build on all to help our players.

DW Soccer School has launched a FREE Online 6-Day Football Training Program, which includes 6 videos, 6 sessions plans, a weekly planner and a Certificate of Competition. To help support families during this time. If you are interested then please go to our Homepage and it has all the details on there.

In this current situation there are many vulnerable people who have been affected by the social and economic impact of the coronavirus and we want to help support our local community. We have set up a ‘Just-Giving’ Page with a 50,000 ‘Kick-Up’ Challenge. We want to use the vehicle of football for the good and unite everyone in this challenge, have a little fun whilst raising money for a good cause. If you are interested in becoming part of this then please check out our HomePage and click on the link.

March Blog

We are into our third month for DWSS and what a few months it has been!

We completed our first Soccer Camp which was absolutely fantastic, lots of children came to the camps and we had some very positive feedback. We are already planning our Easter Camp and are looking forward to it and what exciting things we have planned for the players.

I have trained numerous football clubs in and around Hitchin, helping support the local players and teams, giving them free advice and tips on how to improve. It is fantastic to give something back to the local teams and players and share my experience to help develop them.

We continue to promote the core of DW Soccer School and that is to help fulfil players potential and encourage self-development in a healthy environment. We genuinely want to help the local community and local teams to help and support their football. We want to develop players on the pitch but also help develop them off pitch using football as a vehicle to do so.

Once again thank you to all the players and parents who have shown support, trust and confidence in what we are trying to achieve, to create a better future for the younger generation.

February Blog

We have had our first month at DW Soccer School and the response we have had is fantastic. The interest we have had is overwhelming and we were not expecting this amount of signings in our first month!! We have been signing on average over a player a day which is just brilliant.

We want to continue to promote DW Soccer School and how it can not only help you as a player but as an individual too and how we can help fulfil your potential.

Our Soccer Camps which run during the half-terms and Summer Holidays are just around the corner, with our first one coming up in the February half term. The response we have had is brilliant too with over 50% capacity being booked and daily bookings filtering in.

We are busy putting the final touches to our camps to ensure the children can take many positives out of it but have fun whilst learning and making special memories along the way.

We have our first birthday party this weekend which we are really looking forward to and cannot wait to share the special day with the ‘birthday boy’.

Thank you to everyone that has shown support, trust and confidence in what we are trying to achieve, to create a better future for the younger generation.

DW Soccer School Official Launch – January 2020

Happy New Year!! May we wish you all a healthy and happy New Year for 2020!

This is the official launch month of DW Soccer school and what a build-up it has been.  There is still a lot of work to do finalising all the last-minute bits and pieces and it is finally here the month of DW Soccer School….January 2020!!

We have been engaging constantly with our new coaches and speaking to them about our DW Soccer School philosophy and implementing our final training topic for our FREE trial week commencing on 6th January 2020.

Deliveries by the boxful are arriving with our DW Soccer School equipment and we are trying to create some space to find a temporary home for it.  Organisation seems to be key at the minute which is a challenge after the festive period.  

We look forward to getting started after so much hard work has been put into this with our main goal of bringing the best out of you.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at DWSS FREE trial week starting 6th January 2020.

DW Soccer School Preparation – December 2019

After many hours discussing and finalising various details we have decided to launch DW Soccer School. 

I have come to the end of my playing career and although I have been offered contracts to play football I have decided to hang my boots up and focus on the next stage of my career.

Having gained a wealth of experience throughout my career, I really felt it was time to give something back to the community for the young players wanting to make it in the professional world and be the best they can be as players and individuals.

Exciting steps and hard work in putting the business plan together followed and many late nights brainstorming with my wife to create a clear vision of exactly how we wanted DW Soccer school to run and enable the younger generation within the community to fulfil their dreams.

We knew what we wanted to offer the players with regards to educated coaching but trying to finalise the football kits was one of the hardest decisions.  Asking our children what colours, they thought were right for the football kit we were then presented with a ‘rainbow kit…..back to the drawing board!!

I have never sat down in front of a computer for such long periods at a time….and one which my body is definitely not used too!!  On the plus side my typing speed has developed ten fold.

With the build up to Christmas added into the mix it makes it even more exciting with designing the football kits, the company logo, creating packages for the players of DWSS and packages for the DWSS coaches. We felt the importance to be a part of every process of building this company and it has been a fantastic experience creating DW Soccer School and one we cannot wait to share with you.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and look forward to starting our journey with you in 2020!!