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JUNE 2022


We are back with a bang this Summer and bookings are coming in thick and fast for our Summer Soccer Camps.

We will be investing in some fantastic new inflatables for the Summer and our water balloon football drills will be making a return!! We have some fantastic new ideas to play with which I am sure the children will love…….we are already counting the days down!!

We are offering an early booking offer to show our appreciation to our customers of just £15 PER DAY to save your child a space and to book please click here:

We are holding trials for our brand new PDC Groups which will be running from September. If your child is higher performing player and would like the chance to train under an A-Licence coach and Ex Premiership player then get in touch. It is a fantastic opportunity for your child to reach that next level and the training does not interfere with current football commitments. For further information about DWSS PDC (Player Development Centre) please click here:

Trials are being held this month; June 11th, 18th & 25th June, 9-10am at Ickleford School.

Stay Safe and Keep Active

MAY 2022

Another fantastic Soccer Camp under the belt!! This time round we had our brand new official ‘Dodgeballs’ on hand which the children loved. We had our brand new certificates which looked amazing…..and the children were so proud when they received one!! We added a few new little surprises in….which we like to keep under our hats but lets just say….all the children went home smiling and had a great time.

Scoreky our new DWSS mascot made an appearance at the Soccer Camp. This was just a moment to remember, with his trademark dance Scoreky bought such a ‘FUN;’ element to the camp, the children were grinning like Cheshire cats, even the older ones found it funny!! We are so pleased Scoreky has settled in well to the team and we cannot wait for his next appearance!!

Scoreky will also be available to hire at our ‘DWSS Birthday Parties’….so if you would like a ‘Fun Football Party’ for your child with an edge to it then just get in touch,

We are settling in to the last part of the Summer Term and making sure the players get the most out of their training at DWSS. Many players come and join us for this part of the season due to their current football commitments coming to an end. There is no long term commitment at DWSS so if your child would like to join us until the end of July just get in touch and we can organise a free taster session.

Stay Stay and Keep Active

APRIL 2022

April 2022 is certainly going to be one of the busiest months for us at DW Soccer School.

We are in the process of some fantastic improvements for the company to continue to help support the community and provide a high level of service.

Just a few new additions we are implementing from Summer:

  • Brand New Equipment for our mid week training
  • Brand New Equipment and a little surprise for our Mini Schoolers
  • Brand New booking system
  • New location on the horizon (still in Hitchin so do not worry….)
  • An incredible addition to the team – I will let you know more once confirmed as this one is in the making. We will need the help of our players for this one too 😉
  • Monthly Newsletters full of tips and advise from our very own Ex-Professional Footballer himself!!!

It is going to be an incredible year for DWSS and we cannot wait to share this with you.

We have been so busy preparing the Easter Soccer Camp for Easter and it is now nearly fully booked which is just crazy!! We have some brand new raffle prizes up for grabs, alongside our new Easter activity packs which you great and I’m sure the children will love!

We hope you have a rest over Easter and we will see you back after the Easter break on Monday 18th April.

Keep Active and Stay Safe!

October 2021

This month is about coming together and doing our bit for the environment alongside supporting the community.

We have come up with a new idea to help support our players, make the younger generation more aware of the positive aspects of recycling and being able to reuse items helping the environment along the way.

We have a lot of players at DWSS and already we have our ‘GREEN BUCKET nearly half way full of football boots which is just fantastic. To be able to reuse these, supporting the community and saving our customers money is a great step going forward.

To encourage the younger generation to recycle and actually see the positive results themselves is a fantastic step going forward.

We have our ‘Half Term’ Soccer Camp this month. Bookings are coming through daily and we have another fantastic three days camp planned. A ‘Spooky Halloween Treasure Trail‘ is planned for Thursday 28th October – so don’t miss out on a fantastic fun filled football day out!! It is a favourite amongst players as well as our coaches 🙂

Our PDC trials come to an end on 15th of October with a match planned in November against an ‘Academy’…..all will be revealed very soon…..We cannot wait to give the players an amazing opportunity to be able to showcase their skills.

Keep Active and Stay Safe

May 2021


Since our return to training we have been the busiest we have ever been which is so great to see children getting involved in football training. To be able to help support their physical and mental wellbeing through our DWSS football sessions is just fantastic and one which we hope to continue for a very long time.

A few of our sessions are near to full capacity which is why we are launching two new training sessions:

Monday 17th May 5-6PM – A new ‘Development’ session for children new to football or who wish to gain more confidence and develop their game. A great introduction to football in a FUN and SAFE environment.

Wednesday June 9th 6-7PM – A new ‘Platform Training’ session for children who are already playing for a team and are looking to achieve that next level in football by providing fun and purposeful training to help create a clear pathway for your child within football.

We have our Half-Term Soccer Camp at the end of the month and hope it to be even more successful as our last camp. We have had delivery of our raffle prizes come through and we are sure the children will love them!! If you would like to book your child on our camp please just click the link It is going to be an action packed three days full of FUN and GAMES!!!

We had a scout contact us due to the rapid growth of the Soccer School and he attended one of our training sessions two weeks ago. We are so excited to be able to give this opportunity to the players if certain players do want to reach for that next level in football. He will be attending more session in the future to watch our players train.

Get in touch if you would like to attend a ‘Free Taster’ session at DWSS:

Keep active and stay safe!

October Blog

We are always looking to improve our services to our players and with the introduction of ‘Top Trainer’ each month and term we feel it is important to acknowledge the players who consistently give it they’re all. Players who show they are developing alongside our values and ethics.

We are in our second ‘FREE’ Monthly Prize Draw and will be announcing the winner at the end of this month. Rupert won a ‘DW Beanie’ for September and it is perfect for this time of year.

We welcome some new staff on board DWSS and would like to welcome Lillie who is our new ‘Coaching Assistant’ and Laura who is soon to join us a ‘DWSS Coach’. As we grow it is important the players continually get quality training and this something we are very mindful of which is why our DWSS team is growing to be able to provide the best training in Hitchin!!

We will be announcing some EXCITING NEWS at the end of this month……so keep an eye out on our social media for this!!!!

September Blog

It is great to be back at our term-time training and helping provide a safe environment for our players where they can be outside, running around, learning, developing their football technique and having fun.

At this current time things are very different and for us as an organisation we want to be able to provide a healthy, positive environment to help support our players.

We have had a fantastic reaction to our training which is great to see and have had many players join DWSS. To help develop these players and fulfil their potential with our experience and knowledge is a pleasure. We can help create a clear pathway for our players to reach their goals!

Some of our players who have been with us from the start are really developing their football technique and we have seen them progress in their own football journey through going into the JPL and some of our female players being accepted into further football associated organisations.

We look forward to what the future may hold and hope to see more young players join DWSS.

August Blog

We are preparing for our term-time training comeback and we are looking forward to seeing lots of our players and new players join us in September.

During the Summer we have had a lot of interest in DWSS, slowly the word is spreading about how we can help support and develop players with purposeful training and show them the pathway if they wish to take football to a higher level.

We have been spending time developing ourselves over the Summer, with coaches training days, attending online courses and reading up on various football related topics to continually improve our service to our players.

We look forward to seeing many of you come September.

July Blog

We are really pleased to be back and have been so pleased with the huge demand for DWSS 1-2-1, 2-2-1 and 5-2-1- bespoke sessions. All these sessions are coached by Darren Ward and with the years of experience behind him he can help take the players to the next level and show them a clear pathway to achieve their goals.

The feedback from some of these players has been amazing and to help support and develop them in the right way and to help fulfil their potential in a healthy environment is just fantastic.

Due to the success of these sessions we are going to look at integrating these into our week, come Autumn Term.

We have been really pleased with how training has commenced with the safety guidelines we have in place and are very grateful to our customers and players for taken on board this measures and abiding by them.

June Blog

We are hoping the Government will ease the lockdown towards the end of the month so we can start training the players again.

During the current situation we have made the most of it, continually educating ourselves in our industry. We will be using this information to help improve the players that join us and help improve their football and self-development.

We look forward to seeing you all soon and look forward to new players joining DW Soccer School and becoming part of the journey. Whether you are new to football or playing at a high standard we can cater for you needs!

Take care and stay safe.