Q: Why do DW Soccer School call themselves a Soccer School and not an Academy?

A: We feel that Academy relates to the professional level of football (i.e Watford, Arsenal Academy etc).  We like to be transparent and openly admit we are a platform to help bridge the gap between grassroots and Academy level football.  We do not endorse non-professional Academies calling themselves Academies or using the term ‘Elite’ for young aspiring players where we are very mindful about protecting children’s/parent’s understanding of this.

Q: What is the difference between DW Soccer School and other football training providers in Hitchin and surrounding areas?

A: We take pride in providing the best possible platform for children to learn and have fun whilst using football as the vehicle.  Our lead coach Darren Ward holds the prestigious A-Licence which is very rare amongst grassroots football. Along with Darren’s extensive 22 year professional football career, we use this experience to support our coaches to deliver a very high standard of coaching whether its for fun or to help players reach that next level. 

Q:  Can my child join/have a taster session even if they are a complete beginner?

A: We have a huge variety of training sessions throughout the weekday evenings and weekends to suit a variety of ages and abilities.  All you need to do is get in touch via phone or email specifying your child’s age and previous football experience and we will suggest the most suitable training session for them.

Q: I just want my child to have fun. Is DWSS the right place to come to?

A: Fun to different people means different things and we hear a lot of football organisations use the word ‘Fun’ as a way to deliver what they do. Our view on this is that your child might want to learn a certain position, how to pass, dribble, keep fit or even socialise with some friends to name a few. If they don’t know how to do this but would like to, the chances are that they wont be having ‘Fun’ which we have seen many times over. With this in mind, we can provide all of the above and much, much more through our weekly training sessions, Birthday Party’s, 1-2-1 training, Mini Schoolers, PDC groups and our Holiday Camps……to support ‘Fun’.

Q: Are you going to franchise DWSS like other football organisations are doing?

A: No. We feel that if we did this that it would take away the uniqueness of what we offer and dilute the service that we provide. We are aspiring to keep the high standards going, support the local community and are not interested in franchising to ultimately make more money.

Q: Are you going to start teams and play matches?

A: We have created DWSS to support local grassroots clubs who do a fantastic job to provide young children the opportunity to play matches during the weekends. We are here to work alongside these local clubs and develop both young players who are/will be looking to join a team and those who would like a bit more training for their own personal development. We have a PDC (Player Development Centre), which plays an organised friendly match once a month during the week that doesn’t interfere with any club commitments a player may have but only enhances this.

Q: What does a PDC (Player Development Centre), mean?

A: We have created a PDC to provide ‘Higher Performing’ local players the opportunity to showcase their ability against each other, similar PDC groups or Professional Academies. We work to their needs so that they can develop to the level that they are currently at/would like to get to.

Q: My child already plays at a higher level, how will DW Soccer School help my child reach that next level?

A: Through DWSS years of experience and coaching support.  Darren was once where every child was at within grassroots football and took the steps so many are aspiring to take to progress.  Darren uses this experience to helps support and progress your Childs development.  Through his coaching philosophy, tips on being game-ready, recovery, confidence, reading the game and understanding it, he can help deliver some of the most profound training/advice your child will receive to help support their development.

Q: My child already plays for a football team would you recommend additional training?

A: A large percentage of DWSS players currently play football and attend extra training with DWSS.  The level of training we provide helps develop players football development further which in turn then helps their team development.

Q: Can I come along for a free taster session?

A: All first sessions with us are free.  It is important to us that any player who has a free taster session has enjoyed it, feels comfortable, had fun and learnt from it too.  It is also important that parents/guardians see how we coach their child.

Q: Can I move session if I have already signed up to a particular session?

A: As long as there is space in the training session you are looking to move to we are more than happy to accommodate this.

Q: Can my child do more than one session at DW Soccer School?

A: Yes.  We offer 25% off any additional session your child attends after their first training session.

Q: My childs brother/sister would like to attend a taster session, do I receive a discount for this?

A: Yes.  We offer a 10% sibling discount.

Q: What happens if my child misses a training session?

Q:  We will endeavour to offer an alternative session within the week if there is space for a chance for your child to catch up.

Q: How is the standing order broken down?

A: We have taken into account all of our training sessions throughout the year (39 in total) and split this across 12 months.

If a player leaves within the 12 month period and the standing order is cancelled where there is an amount outstanding to be paid, DWSS will invoice the customer and this invoice must be paid within 7 days.

Q: Am I tied into DWSS for a certain period?

A: If you pay for the term you have paid up until that specific term ends and that is when your Childs training will end.  If you pay a monthly standing order you are more than welcome to leave anytime.  If there is an amount outstanding for training sessions this small amount will be invoiced to you upon leaving.

Q: Do I need to buy the DWSS Kit? 

A: The kit is not compulsory to purchase.  Your child can attend the training sessions in any football/sport attire they would like.  We do specify shin-pads due to the players safety.  The kit can be purchased at any time throughout their duration at DWSS.

If the kit is NOT purchased you are not entitled to the benefits that DWSS provides (i.e Player Profile, Individual Reviews, discounts off a range of services we provide etc).